Sheet Pasting Machine

1. This machine is used for applying glue on the tip of the corrugated surface of board and specially designed for pasting corrugated sheets of different ply and thickness.

2. All rolls are grinded, balanced hard chromed are called glue pickup roll, pressure roll & doctor roll.

3. Gum tray is provided to store the gum.

4. Side setting is provided to set gum in this machine.

5. Setting of gum can be done in microns as desired.

6. It saves the time and gum and the final product dries fast because of the minimum application of the gum.

7. All rollers are fitted with ball bearing for smooth running and longer life.

8. The machine is simply designed, strong in construction and is easy to operate.

9. It assures faultless working during continuous operation.


Machine Size:65",75",85",95",105".

Motor:0.5 H.P

Length: 85"-125"

Width: 30"

Height: 45"

Gross Weight: 500-900