Servo Precision Semi Automatic Paper Reel To Sheet Cutting Machine
"Bhagyalaxmi" Brand Servo Precision Semi Automatic Paper Reel To Sheet Cutting Machine,Developed by our company integrating the advanced technology at home and abroad, hence an innovation and perfection product. this machine is driven by AC servo motor motion controller is quipped and of quick and stable paper cutting, hence a high cutting precision and long service life.the gentle touch PLC interface is fine and convenient. the touch screen makes the operation simple. it electrical parts is composed of industrial control computer that comes up to international advance level, 5.5" color digital touch display, imported frequency converter, photoelectric sensor, Japaneses & Chines brand A.C. Servo Motor Speeds of the main servo motor feeding motor though computer so as to achieved the purpose of synchronous operation. it has characteristics as high speed precision cutting. Convenient for taking material up and also have the capability of cuts paper collect in automatic down stakers table, it has paper d-curling unit in makes paper flat.

Machine Technical Details:

Machine Size: - 36”, 45”, 55”, 65” & as per requirement.(In Inch)
Horizontal cutting Precision: - /- 1mm
Maximum cutting meter speed: - 200m/min
Cutting length range: - 25~9999mm
Maximum Paper Collection In Table: - 150~1270mm
Paper-Piling height Station: - 600mm
Power: - 4Kw To 10Kw
Machine Gross weight:-1500 to 4,000kgs
Reel Stand: - One Manual Lifting Stand.
Maximum Unwinding Diameter: - 1250mm

Extra Attachment Sections:

Paper D-curling unit
Paper slitting unit
Hydraulic Reel Stand
Shaft less Reel Stand
Web Tension Control System